The Best Times to Buy Big-ticket Items

The Best Times to Buy Big-ticket Items

There comes a point in your life when you need to buy those big-ticket items. A car, a home, plane tickets or furniture, these are not acquisitions you make idly — you save for them.

And because this purchase requires some planning on your part, it also makes sense to plan not only how much money you’ll need but when to make the purchase.

You see, when it comes to buying expensive items, there are certain periods when it's better to buy than others, and it’s in your best interest to buy at the absolute best-possible time. Check out our best times to buy guide below for the peak times to snag big ticket items so you can plan ahead accordingly.

New Cars

Often you simply fall for a car when you find the right one, but it would be even better for your bank account if this infatuation took place during the fall.

Fall is the best time of year to buy cars because this is also the time of year when all of the new models arrive. These new arrivals mean dealers are eager to clear their lots of “last year’s” models, and you may be able to secure significant price reductions, no-interest financing and/or other incentives.

No matter when you shop, however, be sure to do your homework ahead of time online to know as much as you can about the vehicle and your price expectations. Come prepared and you’ll leave with a good deal.


47 — as in, booking 47 days beforehand — is the magic number to get the best rates, according to

If you can’t hit that exact day, try to book at least a month out, and whatever you do, never book a flight two weeks or less before you need to travel. These last-minute bookings are $111 more expensive than they would otherwise be, on average.


Braving the cold of winter is the best time of year to buy a home. Why? Because your main competition for a great home comes from other potential buyers, and there simply are fewer of them during the winter.

No one likes to travel from house to house in the cold, but if you’re willing to do so, you have much less of a chance of being trapped in a bidding war for a house as you could be in the spring. It’s important to know, however, that inventory is often less during the winter as well.

New Furniture

Similar to buying that new car, the best time to make a new furniture purchase coincides with the release of new models. In the furniture world, new releases appear in February and August. That means the best time to start shopping for furniture is January and July.

January sales are often advertised as President’s Day weekend sales, and these sales can slash prices on existing inventory by as much as 70 percent.

You don't enter into a big-ticket item purchase lightly, but if you do plan ahead, you can make that ticket just a little bit smaller. Do your homework, hit your time frames and your new purchase could actually leave you with a little money left over. And how great is that?