The Easier Way to Pay Allowance

The Easier Way to Pay Allowance

We’d be willing to bet you received an allowance as a child. You put in hard work around the house doing chores to get that money at the end of each week. That’s nothing new. The concept has been around for centuries. Your parents paid you. Their parents paid them, and so on. And now you’re passing it on and giving your children an allowance.

Each week, you probably head to the bank, withdraw a bit of cash (or trying to pilfer enough change from your bedside table and pockets) and handing it to your kids, who are standing with their palms face up just waiting to feel that green. No doubt it’s a hassle.

Even though it can be tedious, allowances are important. It teaches your children hard work, the value of a dollar, and responsibility. Plus, the fact that their rooms are always clean and your house is in more order is a benefit we all love as parents.

But how often have your children come to you and said “Mommy, where did you put my allowance?” Or, “Dad, I lost the $5 you gave me yesterday.” If there was an easier and more effective way to pay allowances that came with the security of knowing your kids couldn’t lose their hard-earned money, I bet you’d say, “Sign me up!”

The Easier Way to Pay Allowance

Akimbo makes allowances easier – for both parents and kids. You get to avoid long lines at the bank and scrounging for change, and the kids get the ease and convenience of their own prepaid card. They can use it for lunch, at the movies or to save up for that really cool toy they’ve wanted for so long.

Here’s how Akimbo makes paying allowances easier all around:

  • Money can be uploaded digitally via bank transfer, or set up through direct deposit (you can even set a certain amount of the deposit to go to your Akimbo Prepaid Mastercard®, and the rest to your bank account).
  • You can automate reloads, setting specific upload amounts daily, weekly or monthly. You can also turn them off if the chores aren’t getting done!
  • Parents get full visibility, so you know exactly how that allowance is being spent.

Tired of paying allowances the way your parents and grandparents did? Akimbo simplifies the old-school manual allowance process and makes paying your kids fast, easy and seamless.

Are you ready to stop the madness?

Give Akimbo a try today.