Tips to Throw an End-of-Summer Party on a Small Budget

Tips to Throw an End-of-Summer Party on a Small Budget

To many, the start of the new school year also means the unofficial end of summer. (We're sad, too.) But, it’s not too late to throw one last end-of-summer party—on a budget of course.

Oh yeah, it’s possible. Here are five tips for throwing a big party without the big spend.

Savvy simple invites. 

Your casual cookout doesn’t need a formal invitation and modern technology means never having to spend money on invites again. Send your guest list an email or text blast or use social media to connect with guests. These solutions will save you money and time.

Set your budget and stick to it. 

Many would-be inexpensive parties spiral out of control because it’s too easy to make that one extra purchase or upgrade. Then, before you know it, this has occurred 8-10 times and you’ve spent way more than you wanted to. Make staying on budget easy by setting your budget ahead of time and placing it all on a prepaid card. The amount on this card is now your limit, no matter what. Use it wisely.

Rent when you can. 

A one-time use does not have to mean a one-time purchase. Items like chairs, tables, stages or bounce houses can all be rented for a fraction of the price of buying them. Research your options at your local rental center and you’ll save money and space in your home long-term.

Keep your décor simple. 

Your friends are coming to see you, not your décor, so don’t waste a lot of money on the latter. Paper plates and plastic utensils are just fine — it’s a cookout, after all — and don’t be afraid to invite your guests to wear red, white and blue. They’ll provide the perfect decorations for your Fourth of July party.

Make it a team effort. 

It may be your cookout but it doesn’t have to be totally your burden. Invite your guests to bring a dish to pass while you prepare the main course and everyone will have something they know they love. You can also invite guests to bring their own beverages instead, which can be a considerable savings.

Summer is coming to a close, but with proper planning and budgeting, your last summer party this year can be your best yet.