The Ultimate Household Budgeting Tool: Prepaid Cards with No Monthly Fees

The Ultimate Household Budgeting Tool: Prepaid Cards with No Monthly Fees

Every mom wishes they budgeted. But actually sticking to it? That's another story. You've already got kids to care for, a house to keep up, a million after-school activities to attend, and a full-time job to top it off. So adding tedious, manual budgeting to the mix? No thank you!

Modern moms need a more agile solution. Something convenient for their hectic lives. Something that's quick, easy and painless. Enter prepaid cards. With no monthly fees, these little babies make budgeting – and sticking to that budget – a breeze.

The Benefits of Reloadable Prepaid Cards

With reloadable prepaid cards, the stress of spending money disappears. No more worrying if you're racking up interest on your credit card or cringing in the checkout line, hoping your card won't be declined. Instead, you have a predictable, reliable source of money – one you have complete control over. Watch the balance on your phone, add more funds easily with the click of a button, and get text updates every time a penny is spent.

Prepaid cards are also perfect for breaking down your budget. Sure, keeping a Post-It on your fridge with "X amount for groceries and X amount for entertainment" spelled out might be simple enough. But sticking to it once you leave the house? That's a whole different animal.

With prepaid cards, you can set limits for all your individual expenses – food, fun, pets, vacations and more. By having a separate card for each one, you ensure none of them encroaches on the next, and you never overextend or buy beyond your means.

Prepaid cards also:

  • Make monthly budget management easy – When you have reloadable prepaid cards with no monthly fees, you can reset the card's balance every week or every month – no math, spreadsheets or tedium required. You can even set up automatic transfers, to save another step.

  • Let you divvy out funds for family members – Want to give Jimmy an allowance? Need to pay your eldest for a little babysitting? Need your husband to pick up groceries on the way home? Prepaid cards make doling out funds – and setting spending limits – simple and seamless.

  • Take the financial load off your shoulders – Running a household is hard work, let alone making sure you have the money to do it. With reloadable prepaid cards, you only have to budget once, and your cards do the rest, setting limits and keeping your household on task and within budget.

  • Give you full visibility on your spending – Keep tabs on where your kids are spending their lunch money or get the full picture on just how much coffee you buy per month with the detailed updates a prepaid card can provide. Use that data to make better purchasing decisions down the line, and improve your overall financial situation over time.

  • Save (and spend) more wisely – Want to save for your retirement or your little one's college education? Proper budgeting is the first step. By setting strict card-based limits on your monthly spending, you can easily stow away extra cash for a rainy day.

  • Automate tedious budgeting processes – Reloadable prepaid cards like Akimbo's take the time-consuming tedium out of budgeting and managing your money. Schedule auto loads to your budget cards weekly or monthly, and shorten your household to-do list.

In the grand scheme of things, managing the household finances are just one of the hundreds of tasks moms are charged with on a daily basis. Wouldn't it be nice if at least that job was just a little bit easier?

Reloadable prepaid cards with no monthly fees does just that. Easy, fast and convenient, Akimbo's prepaid cards let you set individual budgets, dole out funds, monitor spending and learn from your spending habits all in one. The perfect right-hand man for the busy mom, prepaid cards keep you organized, responsible and financially prepared. Get started and create your first prepaid budgeting card now.