Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and if you’re on the giving end of this relationship, finding the right gift for your mom can be absolutely, well, terrifying. After all, what exactly do you get the woman who is one of the most important people in your life?

Yeah, it’s a biggie.

With an obligation like this, not any gift will do, so to help you out, today we’re offering you a list of five uncommon Mother’s Day gift solutions. Browse our list and you just might find an idea or two that’s perfect for your special mother this year.

Splurge on a water bottle. 

If your mom is constantly on the go with a bottle of water in her hand, don’t be afraid to splurge on a heavy-duty water bottle like these. Stainless steel durability and the possibility of maintaining beverage temperature for as long as 12 hours are not found in just any old water bottle. Combine the bottle with a filtration system for her faucet and mom will never throw another plastic water bottle in the trash again.

The gift card got better. 

If you’ve felt like giving gift cards in the past wasn’t appreciated, it’s time to change the gift cards you give. Prepaid gift cards can be redeemed by any recipient through email or text message, and once your mother has redeemed the card, she can use it nearly anywhere. This saves you the worry of hoping you bought a gift card for the right store. In addition, your mom can even transfer the money from the card to her bank account if she wishes, allowing you to contribute to her savings for that anticipated trip or other large expense.

Chill out with an ice mold. 

This Ice Mold/Wine Bottle Chiller is just too cool to pass up, particularly if your mother appreciates a good glass of wine. Use the chiller to layer the bottle in ice and you can add lemons, berries and leaves to make a decorative centerpiece that people will want to inspect as well as enjoy every time they visit Mom.

Create a custom gift basket. 

Gift baskets can be had at any store, but if you really want one that speaks to your mother and her interests, it’s best to create your own. Purchase a basket or make your own and fill it with the treats, entertainment, gift cards and items she most enjoys. Add a couple of photos of her grandkids, if applicable, and you’re on your way to the perfect present.

Give her the gift of you. 

Sometimes all Mom wants is to connect, and who better to give her that gift than you? Plan a day trip that speaks to her interests and handle all of the logistics yourself. Then, when the time comes, swoop in and take Mom away for a day or even an afternoon she won’t forget.

So that's our list. We hope you found an idea you like or something that at least got you thinking. Now it's up to you, so don't delay. Mother's Day is fast approaching, and we know you have what it takes to make it great.