Welcome to the NEW Akimbo Prepaid MasterCard® dashboard. Let us show you around.

When you log into your new dashboard, regardless of device, you'll see three main sections: the navigation, feed, and actions.

Manage your Akimbo Visa Prepaid Card dashboard


Easy to use

Each category displays feed information and actions.

When switching to another category, the feed and actions update to only display information and actions related to that category.




Interactive transactions

Click on any transaction in the feed to view the details. You can even personalize your transactions by adding a picture and message.


Load it up

Multiple ways to load your card: with Cash, Direct Deposit, Check, and a Linked Bank account.

You can also set automatic loads to your card, your sub-cards, or any other Akimbo Card.




Send money in real-time

Easily and quickly send to your sub-cards, favorite members, or by searching the entire Akimbo database.





Manage your sub-cards

If you click into one of your sub-card accounts, you can Review Transactions and Disable, Retrieve funds, and Set Auto-Allowances.