Deposit your paycheck, tax refund, or other payment directly to your Akimbo Prepaid Mastercard® account.

To get started, log in to your account to access your direct deposit information. Then, provide this information to your payer.

Note: All payment deposits must be in the name of the cardholder.


Transfer money to your Akimbo Card from your bank or PayPal 

It’s easy and there's no cost. Plus, this is typically executed 1 to 2 business days faster than using the Bank Accounts (IN) feature on Akimbo's cardholder dashboard. All incoming bank account transfers must originate from an account under the same name as the cardholder.


Login to your bank

Find and select a tab or option that says "Transfers," "Account Transfers", or

Add Account

Once in the transfers menu, find and select the option that lets you "Add an External Account", or similar.

Input Direct Deposit

Bank Name: Sunrise Banks
Routing Number: 091017138
Account Number:
View your direct deposit number


Keep in mind that your maximum balance allowed at any given time is $9,999.00.