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Akimbo Prepaid MasterCard® through direct deposit.


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Akimbo Cards For Everyday Spending

With reloadable Akimbo Cards, you can load your paychecks electronically with direct deposit. You can also share funds in real-time with any member and withdraw cash at any participating ATM.

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Features You'll Love

No sign up fee.
No monthly fee.
No fee for direct deposit.

Easy to set up direct deposit.

No more waiting in line to cash a paycheck.

No minimum balance required.

Use your Akimbo Card account dashboard and mobile app to set a budget and track spending.

Transfer money to or from a linked bank account.

Use your reloadable Akimbo Card everywhere Debit MasterCard is accepted and at ATMs.

Share money with any Akimbo Card member.

Sign up to receive real-time text* alerts with balance and transaction information after each purchase.

Create sub-cards for allowances and recurring money sharing.

Simply sign up and provide your employer with your Akimbo Card direct deposit number,
and you'll recieve your paycheck electronically!