You can load pre-printed and approved personal or payroll checks made out to you using your smartphone to your Akimbo Prepaid Mastercard®! We've partnered with a company called Ingo Money, a trusted platform that lets you load approved checks by snapping a picture with a smartphone. Learn more about Ingo Money here >



Here's how:

Dowload Ingo Money App

Visit the App StoreSM or the Google Play™ store and register using your smartphone.






Enroll your Akimbo Card

Fill in the information found on your card.






Submit your check

After signing the back of your check, lay your check on a solid-colored background in a well lit room. Then, take a picture of the front and back of your check, and submit to Ingo Money for approval.





Choose your load option

Decide how quickly you want your funds to be available. If you need your money sooner, select to pay the fee of 1% or 4%, and your money will be available in minutes if your check is approved. If you can wait, choose the 7-day no fee option, so long as the check is approved and not returned unpaid.



Enjoy your Akimbo Card

Once the funds are loaded, you can use your Akimbo Card everywhere Mastercard debit cards are accepted and at ATMs that display the Mastercard Brand.

You can also send funds to anybody on the Akimbo network in real-time and at no cost. If sending to a non-member, you can send to their email address or phone number, and the recipient can sign up for an Akimbo account to retrieve the funds.

If you have text alerts* set up, you will receive a text* from Akimbo as soon as your funds have loaded and are available for use.

Set up text alerts* >