Prepaid Debit Card Budget App

Spend Smarter

Protect yourself and avoid over-shopping by separating
your spending money from your primary bank account.


An Account Just For Spending

You use your checking account to make lots of important payments - rent or mortgage, car payment, insurance, a transfer to savings. But, it's easy to lose track and overspend with your debit card if you use the same account for your everyday purchases.

We offer a better approach. Move your spending money to an Akimbo Card, then you'll have exactly what you need for your regular bills. Plus, if your debit card is ever comprised - you know most of your money is still safe in your bank account.

Set Your Spending Budget

Set an amount that works for you. You can load your card regularly with direct deposit and on your schedule with a linked bank account.2

Learn To Spend Wisely

Learning to budget comes naturally, since you can't spend more than the available balance on the card. 

Plus, using any device, you can review your balance, personalize transactions, set up text1 alerts, and even send a money request.

Helpful Features

Reload With
Direct Deposit

Load all or just a portion of your paycheck automatically.

Transfer To/From
A Bank Account

Set up one-time and automatic loads to and from your linked bank account.2

Withdraw Cash

Use your Akimbo Card everywhere Debit MasterCard is accepted and at ATMs.


Receive real-time text1 alerts after each purchase.


Send money in a snap to other Akimbo Card members.

Plus, Add Up To Five Sub-Cards

Manage all of your sub-cards with a single account.
Sub-cards are great allowances, budgets, and trips. 

Read More About Sub-Cards  

How To Get Started

Sign Up

There's no enrollment or monthly fee. Complete our simple enrollment form to get started.

Set Up Automatic

Link your bank account2 and schedule how much and often you want to load.


Stay on top of your spending with real-time text1 alerts and by using our mobile and web apps.