A Card for the Modern Household — Akimbo

A Card for the Modern Household

Akimbo lets you create a custom card for any budget goal, be it groceries, allowance, or even a pet. Manage them all, right here. No enrollment or monthly fees—try it risk-free.


Hey there! Akimbo has moved to invite only, and enrollment is no longer open to the public.
Invite codes are only available through one of our premier Akimbo for Business clients.
Unfortunately, invite codes are not available to the public.

Get your house in order, one card at a time. 

We're on a mission to encourage responsible spending. Create one card for each of your budget goals and manage them all with Akimbo’s simple app.

Allowance, hassle-free.

Easy to use. Even easier to automate. All parties get real-time text1 updates after every transaction. And because you set the limit, you’ll never have to worry about overspending.


Let them get the groceries.

One household grocery card means anyone in your household can pick up groceries.


Yes, dogs can have a card, too.

We all know how easy it is to spend on the ones we love. A little oversight can help put a leash on runaway splurges.


Allowance? Automatic.

Schedule auto loads every week and you can shorten that to-do list.

Tap and Go

Akimbo works with Apple Pay2, Samsung Pay, Android Pay3, and...you get the idea.

Last-Minute Gift? Done.

Send gift cards by text, email, or mail.

A Community All Your Own

Send, share, or receive money with anyone in your Akimbo network.

Protect Your Cards

Disable and enable your cards in real-time.

Top of Mind

Real-time text* updates keep you in the loop following every transaction.