A Better Money Experience

A Better Money Experience

Protect your bank account, manage family spending, and send money in real-time.
Create an Akimbo Card for gifts, budgets, and allowances.

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Akimbo Prepaid MasterCard®
Akimbo Gift MasterCard®

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Akimbo and Apple Pay

Now you can enjoy all the benefits of your Akimbo Card using Apple Pay®.1

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Reloadable Cards For Everyday Spending

Reloadable Cards For Everyday Spending

Spend safe and avoid over-shopping by separating your spending money from your bank account.

Load your card automatically with direct deposit or a linked bank account.4 You can also share funds in real-time with any member and create and manage up to five sub-cards for any reason.  Learn More 

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Reload With
Direct Deposit

View your direct deposit number upon successfully creating a card.

Transfer To/From
A Bank Account

Transfer your money to or from a linked bank account.

Withdraw Cash

Use your reloadable Akimbo Card everywhere Debit MasterCard is accepted and at ATMs.


Share money with any Akimbo Card member in real-time or on your schedule.

Create Up To
Five Sub-Cards

Create sub-cards for allowances and recurring money sharing.


Akimbo Sub Cards For Allowances And Money Sharing

Sub-Cards For Allowances And Money Sharing

Existing reloadable Akimbo cardholders can create up to five sub-cards to manage family budgets and allowances.

Sub-cards are created under your primary Akimbo Card account. You have full access to each sub-card, so you can easily check balances, review transactions, load and retrieve funds, and more.  Learn More 

Create Sub-Card

Create Up To
Five Sub-Cards

Create your first sub-card at no charge. Fees apply for additional sub-cards.


Disable or enable your sub-cards in real-time.

Load On Your

Load sub-cards in real-time from a card balance or regularly from a linked bank account.4


Use sub-cards everywhere Debit MasterCard is accepted.


Set up text2 alerts on any or all of your sub-cards. Standard messaging rates may apply.

A Better Gift Card Experience

A Better Gift Card Experience

Akimbo Gift Cards were designed with the recipient in mind.

Give more with real-time text2 alerts and the ability to move funds to a reloadable account offering bank transfers and ATM access. Learn More 

Order Gift Card

Send By

You can send a gift card by email directly to the recipient and they can request a virtual card number online or have physical card mailed to them.


Have us ship a physical card to you, for in person delivery, or directly to the recipient.


Send a card by email, and the recipient can access a virtual card number to use for online purchases everywhere Debit MasterCard is accepted.

Stay Updated
With Text2 Alerts

The recipient can sign up to receive real-time text2 alerts with balance and transaction information after each purchase.

Access More

If the recipient enrolls for a reloadable Akimbo Card, they can transfer the money to a bank account4 or use their reloadable Akimbo Card at ATMs.

Akimbo For Business

Akimbo Now helps businesses send monetary rewards, incentives, or payments in real-time.

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