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One account, many possibilities

One account, many possibilities

Akimbo is a new way to organize your money.

With one account, you can create and manage up to five additional cards for budgets and allowances.

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Create Akimbo Cards for

Everyday spending

Automating allowances

Household budgeting

Travel money

Sending money to friends

My wife has a sub card from my account. We split our budgeted spending money on these two cards and then we are each free to spend it as we wish with no threat of breaking the budget. It has lessened one of the most important areas of friction in our relationship.

David S.

Ready, set, load

Ready, set, load

Automatically load your card, sub-cards, or another member’s card using a linked bank account.1

You can also load by direct deposit, with cash or check.

How to load Akimbo


Spend with confidence - Budget

Spend with confidence

What you load is what you can spend. No minimums.

Use your account dashboard and mobile app to set a budget and track spending.

Stay updated on purchases and your balance with real-time text alerts.2

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I use this for all my everyday purchases. I direct deposit my monthly budget for those expenses on to the card and it forces me to stay on budget and make decisions about what's actually needed.

Erin M.

Share with ease - Budget

Share with ease

Send money to other Akimbo Card members easily, quickly, and with no fee.

Invite and share with friends by sending money to an email address or mobile phone number.3

How to send money

Smarter money - Budget

Smarter money
No monthly maintenance fee / no signup fee
Use everywhere Debit MasterCard is accepted
Access to millions of ATMs worldwide
Access your account using any device
Amazing customer service

I have recommended Akimbo Card to many friends over the
years for their budgeting projects. I love it. Don't ever change!

Tara J.