Create Akimbo Cards For Gifts, Budgets, Allowances.

A Card Worth A Thousand Smiles

Join thousands of happy customers creating Akimbo Cards for gifts, budgets, and allowances.
Create a card for yourself or anyone else.


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Create An Akimbo Card For:


Create Akimbo Gift MasterCards® for the holidays, birthdays, or just to say hello. Get one for a friend, family, or yourself!

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Everyday Spending

Create a reloadable Akimbo Prepaid MasterCard® and up to five sub-cards for budgeting and everyday spending.

Create Akimbo Card

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Existing reloadable Akimbo Prepaid MasterCard® members can create up to five sub-cards for allowances and money sharing.

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Gift Cards For Every Reason

Gift Cards For Every Reason

Create an Akimbo Gift Card for thank yous, birthdays, graduations or even yourself! 

Akimbo Gift Cards can be delivered virtually by email, which provides immediate access to funds, or by mail, which comes with an awesome gift card carrier. 

Gift Card Features

Send By

You can send a gift card by email directly to the recipient and they can request a virtual card number online or have physical card mailed to them.


Have us ship a physical card to you, for in person delivery, or directly to the recipient.


Send a card by email, and the recipient can access a virtual card number to use for online purchases everywhere Debit MasterCard is accepted.

Stay Updated
With Text* Alerts

The recipient can sign up to receive real-time text* alerts with balance and transaction information after each purchase. 

Access More

If the recipient enrolls for a reloadable Akimbo Card, they can transfer the money to a bank account*** or use their reloadable Akimbo Card at ATMs. 

Upgrade your experience by enrolling for a reloadable Akimbo Card.

Reloadable Akimbo Card

Reloadable Akimbo Card

With reloadable Akimbo Cards, you can protect your bank account and avoid over-shopping by loading your card with your spending money.

Load your card automatically with direct deposit or a linked bank account. You can also share funds in real-time with any member and withdraw cash at any participating ATM.

Create Reloadable Akimbo Card

Reloadable Card Features

Reload With
Direct Deposit

View your direct deposit number upon successfully creating a card.

Transfer To/From
A Bank Account***

Transfer your money to or from a linked bank account.

Withdraw Cash

Use your reloadable Akimbo Card everywhere Debit MasterCard is accepted and at ATMs.


Share money with any Akimbo Card member in real-time or on your schedule.

Create Up To
Five Sub-Cards

Create sub-cards for allowances and recurring money sharing.

Manage your money with Akimbo Sub-Cards.

Akimbo Sub Cards For Allowances And Money Sharing

Akimbo Sub-Cards For Allowances And Money Sharing

Existing reloadable Akimbo Prepaid MasterCard members can create up to five sub-cards to manage allowances for teenagers, groceries, or holiday trips.

Sub-cards are created under your primary Akimbo Card account. Each card has an independent balance and account access, which means you have full control of each sub-card you manage.

Akimbo Allowance Card Features

Create Up To
Five Cards

Create your first card at no charge. Fees apply for additional allowance cards.


Disable or enable your allowance cards in real-time.

Load On Your

Load allowance cards in real-time from a card balance or regularly from a linked bank account.


Use allowance cards everywhere Debit MasterCard is accepted.


Set up text* alerts on any or all of your allowance cards. Standard messaging rates may apply.

Akimbo Now For Business

Akimbo Now helps businesses send monetary rewards, incentives, or payments in real-time.

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