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Deliver Incentives, Disbursements, Promotions and More


Delight your customers, both loyal and new, with rewards they'll love.

Order Bulk Cards for Rewards, Bonuses, Incentives, and Rebates

You can customize cards with your brand. Your recipients can transfer their balance to a reloadable Akimbo account, allowing for bank transfers and cash withdrawals at ATMs. They can also sign up to receive real-time text* alerts with balance and transaction information after each purchase.

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Design your Own Prepaid Card Experience

Akimbo API will allow you to integrate with Akimbo using our RESTful APIs, and build apps on top of the Akimbo Card program, or even develop your very own prepaid card program. You can even customize reloadable cards with your brand and earn referral fees for signing up new cardholders.

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